Radi Stambolov


Chef Radi Stambolov needs no special presentation among the inspired by the culinary art people. All of them know very well the pastry cook-enthusiast with high energy and unique drive to work for the prestige of the profession, for the proper training of the young people, for preserving the Bulgarian culinary heritage, for the implementation of the world known trends in Bulgaria.

Radi Stambolov is well known to the wide public as a jury member of the first Bulgarian TV culinary competition “Lord of the Chefs” – recognition given to the best professionals. His years-long experience, the exclusive gourmet presentations, numerous participations in TV and Internet shows contributed to make him a favourite to people appreciating good food and mostly the chocolate.

Chef Radi Stambolov graduated the Pastry Technical school “Hristo Nikov” in Sofia. As a student he signed a contract for job obligation with “Interhotels”. After graduation, “Interhotels” assigned Radi to “Sofia” Hotel for his initial on-the-job training. So, in the beginning of 1990 he joined the pastry department at the “Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan”. At that time the “Sheraton Sofia Hotel” was a member of the “Luxury Collection” brand of the world known hotel chain. As the only hotel of such class it was the host of world leaders, royalties, business people and tourists. Numerous international events like cocktails, receptions, gala dinners were organized.

The time working at the Sheraton Sofia hotel with foreign chefs colleagues was priceless for him. The accumulated experience in servicing successfully such prominent clients inspired his courage and made him believe in his own potential. It gave him a stimulus to look for new opportunities and challenges.

Radi Stambolov’s brilliant carrier opened his way to the post of a Vice-president of “Euro-Toques” Bulgaria from its founding until 2011. During this period of time he continued his education and qualification achievements graduating the College of Tourism in the town of Varna. Radi specialized with Mr. Wilhelm Hendl, the Pastry Chef at the Vienna “Hotel Imperial”- “The luxury Collection” brand of “ITT Sheraton Hotels” and a member of “The Leading Hotels of the World”. He also had consequently a Pastry Chef course at the famous “Central Palais Ferstal” coffee shop also in Vienna.

Radi Stambolov acquired in 2008 Associate Professorship of Italian Cuisine at the Squola Albergiera di Ristorante di Serramazzoni in Italy.

He has worked in Sheraton Hotel in Doha, Catar, initially starting as a Chef de Party (Pastry), later promoted to Sous Chef Pastry.

In his career, Radi Stambolov has been successful to present his cooking talents preparing food delicacies for 13 presidents of various countries.

Chef Stambolov is founder and co-owner of the Gavrosh Gourmet pastry shop, chocolate shop RS Chocolatier, where les connoisseurs can rediscover, upon a cup of hot chocolate, unforgettable combinations of chocolate tastes and harmony. His entrepreneur’s spirit took him to negotiate with Danish Partners the production of Chocolate Sushi, which presently is exported abroad.

In 2015 Radi Stambolov and Borislav Ekzarhov founded Pastry Club Bulgaria.

In 2017 Radi Stambolov  and Borislav Ekzarhov  founded Pastry Academy.